I'm asking this to you personally artist not Toph, do you ship Tokka?

((Hey there! I don’t really ship any pairings in Avatar, canon or not, but I do support all ships (so long as I can see why people ship them together). I’m really easy going with ships, so yeah I support Tokka, but I also support Toko, Doph, etc. Just…none of them are really my OTP or anything. So I guess in a sense yes, I ship Tokka, but in a sense no? 6__9;; ))


I really love this blog, Toph is amazing. I can't help but feel really pet-peevy about the eyes in a lot of the fan art I see here, though... her eyes should only be pointing forward.

((Good point! Thanks for your critique!))

Are you going to the masquerade? askchibikatara(.)tumblr(.)com/post/27008587044/avatar-ask-chibi-blog-collaboration-chibi

((Sorry for the late response! Things are starting to pick up for my class, so I’ve been a lot busier lately. And since it ends soon, I don’t think I’ll make it. So sadly, no I won’t be attending :( I’ll probably just draw her with a blindfold on anywa- /shot 
This is also a hiatus message, I guess! Sorry!!)) 

To the chibi avatar ask blogs


I’m going to do a big picture of as many of you guys can I can

if you’re up for it please reblog and add your name

  • Papa Sato
  • Little Verick
  • Little Lieutenant
  • Wang Fire
  • Little Naga
  • Ask-Mako
  • Chibi Mama Mako
  • Chibi Korra
  • Petite Pema
  • Mini Momo
  • Skoochibi!
  • Kid Toph
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AAAAHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I’m really happy to know you enjoy my blog v////v I’m gonna publish this because I want to share this message with all of my followers. All of you are awesome and thank you so much for your support!!<3

Hm&#8230;you&#8217;re right&#8230;.!

Hm…you’re right….!

Thanks for the suggestions everyone! It really helped!! I was only able to get a few done though, but I&#8217;ll try to do more later after some asks!

Thanks for the suggestions everyone! It really helped!! I was only able to get a few done though, but I’ll try to do more later after some asks!

Sketch requests maybe?

Sorry for not posting some asks instead, but I’m in a bit of an art-rut right now;; I’d like to sketch it off but I have no idea who or what to draw, so maybe you guys can help me out by giving me suggestions?

Leave a character in your reply and I’ll pick some to draw! It can be anyone from any series (just specify who and what series)! OCs are welcome too (just link me)! Just don’t expect anything good haha;;